Your tweens are now more capable of making choices, solving problems
and thinking for themselves. When you begin to "let go" and allow your
tween to own more of the responsibility for his/her life, an interesting thing
happens. Your child begins to think "If mom is not going to worry so much
about the details of my life, then maybe I better take care of it."  And
another great thing typically happens. You get to do less worrying and
have more fun with your kids!

In this parenting class you will learn the art of being a loving authority who
has the skills to; offer options within safe limits, allow your child to make
affordable mistakes, hold them accountable and enhance your
relationship with them at the same time.   With just a few easy-to-learn,
immediately applicable parenting tools in your parenting tool belt, you will
feel more confident and calm with less concerns and chaos.

Join a series and get your SMILE ON while parenting tweens!

Tween Example:  Getting ready for school and out the door on time in
the morning has become a major hassle for Tommy's mom. Mom feels it
is important for nine year old Tommy to eat breakfast before going to
school. Tommy feels it is important to play with the dog, wrestle his little
brother, sneak on his ipod and do anything except eat breakfast. Mom
spends her mornings keeping Tommy on track by reminding, lecturing
and ultimately getting very frustrated with him most mornings.

But this particular morning is going to be different. Last night mom and
dad went to a Love and Logic® class. Afterward they brainstormed on how
to implement their  newly learned skills to improve the mornings for mom.
Mom is ready. When Tommy begins to  goof around rather than arrive for
breakfast mom smiles and says, "Tommy, it's 7:15am. Breakfast is
served until 7:20am." When Tommy does not show up for breakfast by
720am, mom puts away breakfast. At 7:30am mom announces that it is
time to go to the bus stop. "But I didn't eat breakfast yet. I'm really hungry"
cries Tommy. With love and empathy mom says, "No problem Tommy. I
packed you an extra big lunch and snack. I'm sure you will really enjoy
lunch time today!" Mom has planned for this. Its hard to let him go to
school hungry but she now feels that an empty belly for 2 hours is a small
price to pay for learning to take responsibility for getting breakfast in the

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  • How to put an end to arguing,
    backtalk and begging
  • What to do when siblings fight
  • How to get chores done without
  • What to do when they don't want to
    do homework
  • What to do when you are very angry
Parenting the Love and Logic Way™ class series
for adults with
5 to 12 year olds
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