When your babies or toddlers watch you ACT rather than REACT and handle
their testing without breaking a sweat, you are setting expectations for behavior
and laying the groundwork for a respectful relationship with a child who views
you as a loving authority. Then, both you and your young one feel more
confident, grounded and happy.   

A good night's sleep is a precious commodity in these first few years.
Oftentimes, you are not operating on a whole lot of reserve.   If you have a few
simple, applicable parenting skills to rely on when you are tired and frustrated,
you will have more energy for the fun times!

In this parenting class, you are learning skills that work immediately and apply
to the
entirety of our child's development.  So the earlier you start, the more
years of benefit you and your child will receive.

Join a series and get your SMILE ON while parenting young ones!

BABY EXAMPLE:  Eight month old Jack has just  thrown his bottle on the
floor from his height chair
again.  In the past, mom has picked it up and given it
back to him with a huffy breath of frustration.  However, mom recently attended
a Parenting the Love and Logic Way™  class and wants to try a new approach.
This time she picks up the bottle from the floor, smiles at Jack lovingly, puts
the bottle in the sink and  says "No problem!" Mom shows no anger or
frustration and she does not talk about it. She takes control in a loving way.

TODDLER EXAMPLE:  Mom has asked three year old Jill to remove her
toys from the kitchen floor so she can begin cooking dinner safely.  Jill runs to
her playroom and ignores mom.  Mom decides to experiment with a new skill
she learned at a Love and Logic® class. She resists the urge to remind or
lecture Jill about her toys and instead simply picks up the toys herself and puts
them out of reach. When Jill comes looking for her favorite doll that she left on
the kitchen floor, mom smiles and says "Oh sweetie, when you pick up your
toys then you get to keep them. When I pick up your toys then I get to keep
them."  Mom again resists the urge to say anything more about it as she has
learned that loving action says more than words.

Click here for more details about the Parenting the Love and Logic Way™
class series
  • A very powerful "go to" technique
  • What to do with temper tantrums at
    home and in public
  • How to teach youngsters to listen
    the first time we ask
  • What to do when you are very angry
  • How to avoid  power struggles
  • What to do when toddlers hit
Got Toddlers?
You will learn:
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Parenting the Love and Logic Way™ class series
for adults with
6 month olds though toddler years
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