Do you wonder if you are preparing your teens and yourself properly for
the challenges they
and you are facing in their teen hood?

The Parenting the Love and Logic Way™ series is a very good fit for
those with teens as it emphasizes a "consultant" approach which
supports the emerging independence of most teens and showcases the
wisdom and loving authority of the parent.  As a consultant, you will focus
on taking good care of
yourself, sharing control on your terms, and
allowing your teens to own and solve their own problems.

Join a series and get your Smile On while parenting teens!

Teen Example: Lately, fifteen year old Brian will not clean his room.  
With mom and dad both working full time, it is not fun for them to spend
their free time fighting, arguing and reminding Brian about his room.
Oftentimes, mom cleans it herself to keep the peace.

Recently, Brian's parents attended a Parenting the Love and Logic Way™
class. They were not only  reminded of the importance of chores but also
they were taught some parenting skills. This weekend, when it is time for
Brian to go to baseball, mom tells Brian she will be happy to take him to
practice when his room is clean. Brian begins his usual "brain drain"
with mom saying "You wouldn't want me to be late for practice, would
you?" Mom responds calmly with "What did I say?" Brian then promises
to clean the room as soon as he gets home from practice. Mom
responds again with "What did I say?" Brian then begs and pleads and
tells her she is acting "so weird"  and mom smiles and says "And what
did I say?"  Eventually, Brian realizes that mom isn't going to budge on
this and he yells "whatever!" and quickly cleans his room.

On their way to practice
a half hour late, mom is calm (she knows she is
the one in control of the situation this time!) and resists the urge to
lecture Brian. The Love and Logic® parenting class taught her  that the
consequence of being late for baseball practice is far more valuable a
lesson than her lectures.

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class series
  • How to avoid power struggles
  • What to do when teens won't do what
    you ask
  • How to maintain open communication
  • How to set limits without losing their
  • How to know if an issue is within your
    control and what to do when it is not
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