Blow the snow? Oh NO!

Another snow day? How about sending the kids outside to SHOVEL? Shoveling snow is a great opportunity for kids to feel loved and needed.  Kids need to feel needed. They need to know that they contribute to their family and their community in a meaningful way. Shoveling snow for the family or a needy neighbor is a perfect, old-fashioned, golden opportunity for kids to show us how helpful and needed they really are.



 And kids who feel needed get the benefits of a boost to their self-confidence and a feeling of being more tightly connected to the family team. To struggle out there in the snow and get cold and accomplish this task is a gift to our kids. It is a critical task needed for the regular operations of the family and community. What an important job!



Shoveling snow also gets kids out of the house, out of your hair, off of the screens and into nature where the sights, smells and sounds are real and absolutely amazing.  What would happen if your children knew that on snow days they were welcome to have their cell phone, computer and tv time AFTER they shovel the driveway and walkways?



Got a snow blower?  What if kids are told that the snow blower is just for emergency snow removal? What if parents save their energy for housework or making the money for the family or making a sweet, warm cup of hot chocolate for their hard-working snow removal crew? WooHoo!