No Regrets!

Aaaahhh.. family life! It’s fulfilling and rewarding and lovely. We are raising great, amazing kids, right? Of course! You betcha! 787936-dad-and-teen-daughterBut, in the same breath raising kids today can be draining and filled with frustration, angst, and worry. Why? Why do we worry and get frustrated? There are so many various “reasons” why.  What’s the REAL reason? Most probably, if you are like me, we fear that our child will have a difficult life when we see stuff like a lack of motivation, responsibility and self-confidence!

And we love our lil’ kiddies immeasurably and we want them to be happy!mother-and-son-1
Here’s the thing: The more we worry about their life, the less they have to. And did you know that our frustration feeds their misbehavior? Yup! Sooo, let’s not worry and fret. No, really! Let’s apply some easy-to-learn skills that helps us put an end to that worry and anger AND helps our kids  AND helps our relationship with them.

I’m an ordinary mom who learned and implemented Love and Logic® skills over 9 years ago and it changed my family’s life and mine. My biggest regret? That I didn’t know Love and Logic skills sooner. Join me! Have No Regrets! In fact, you can be an “Early Bird”  for a Parenting the Love and Logic Way™ parenting course that can change your life too! Just click the link below. See ya there!

Parenting the Love and Logic Way™
12-hour course
6 two-hour sessions




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