About Me
Smile On Parenting is a local resource
founded by Wendy Miller in order to teach,
inspire and support adults in the
challenging task of raising children in a
healthy, effective way.  Wendy is offering
classes in Sparta, NJ. She is also available
for groups who want the convenience of
hosting this class series in their
neighborhood, at their child's school, at
special interest meetings or at the
My Professional Qualifications:
I am trained as an Independent Facilitator. In Denver, Colorado
I took specialized and intense sessions with the Love and
Logic Institute, Inc. founders Jim Fay and Foster W. Cline, M.D.
and curriculum developer Charles Fay, Ph.D.  

My Parenting Qualifications:
My three children (now teens) have provided me with plenty of
opportunities to hone my Love and Logic® parenting skills. As
well, my enthusiasm for Love and Logic® skills leads many of
my friends and extended family to beckon me for help and
advice when they are "stuck" with a parenting issue. I
welcome their questions and enjoy helping them, as Love and
Logic® wisdom is one of my very favorite things to talk about!
Interested in hosting this series in
your home with your friends?
Contact me!
                                Wendy's World

In the beginning:
When my children were very young, I often found myself
overwhelmed and unsure of my parenting. By asking friends and
"going with my gut" I was able to muddle through those first few
However, as my children grew so did my concerns. As they
began to experience more of the world outside of my control, I
found myself wondering "Will they 'do the right thing' when I am
not there?" As well, I felt nervous about their exposure to all of the
temptations that are 'out there'.  
The "drill sargent"  techniques that were used quite effectively in
the past didn't seem to "fit" my parenting world. I began to realize
that if I wanted to up the odds of raising responsible children in
today's world and find some calm in my family chaos,  I had
some work to do.  But, I was a busy mom of 3 daughters and I
needed real answers to my many parenting questions and
applicable solutions to my daily dilemmas! I tried grabbing a few
books from the library but I again felt overwhelmed by all of that
philosophical mumbo jumbo!

Time to get some help:
I turned to the professionals.  I asked the advice of a very wise
and accomplished Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist
(LMFT) in Connecticut. He told me that many healthy families
needing practical parenting help have had success with the
book,   Parenting with Love and Logic®.  I read the book and took
a Love and Logic parenting class. I began applying what I
learned.  Quickly, my confidence increased and...voila!... my
parenting style began to match my parenting philosophy.  

My life with Love and Logic® parenting skills:
I have found so much peace in my parenting due to the Love and
Logic® skills I have learned. Most times now, I really do
smile ~inside and out~while parenting.
Am I still challenged by my children and constantly growing as a
Love and Logic® parent? Yes.
Do I struggle? Yes.  
But Love and Logic® wisdom works for me. It helps me, my
husband and our family life tremendously!
Maybe it can work for you too!
Bill and Wendy  ~ married 25 years!
Our children ~ Ally, Grace and Julia
My Family
Another Testimonial

"I have known Wendy Miller for 15 years.
We have shared many hours bouncing off
different ideas about parenting from the
terrible two's up all the way through
raising our teens.

Wendy has always had a natural gift about
seeing things in a loving, logical yet
parental way.  She is someone that I have
always trusted whole heartedly with
regards to her opinion with raising
children.  Since she has spent much of
her time educating herself in her studies
of the Love and Logic® priciples, I have
come to really see Wendy even more
dead on with her thoughts and ideas
when it comes to handling difficult
parenting decisions.

Wendy is the first person I call when I am
really puzzled with how to handle a
situation with my kids.  Her insight,
wisdom and loving yet convincing
approaches have helped me in numerous
situations.  She is someone whom I trust
and know will always be honest with me.

I am a much better parent over the years
from having the chance to have such an
amazing person be there for me.  I know
that she has one of the healthiest,
refreshing approaches to being the best
we can be for our kids no matter what
age.  We are all a work in progress but I
know with Wendy's help I have done
nothing but improve in my parenting

Mom from Sparta with 2 teens - 2013